Attaching texture to an object

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Attaching texture to an object

Post by ron1234 »

Attaching texture to an object imported via stl does not seem to be working the way it is done in the Texture sample. Am I doing something wrong?
Thanks in advance

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Re: Attaching texture to an object

Post by nickz »

The Texture sample deals with 3DS type of object which are constructed from stretched and bent rectangular patches so application of an image to its surface is simple.

Objects imported via stl are MeshSection type ones. Textures on a mesh need some additional information, which is currently defined only via importing via VRML. Normally they are either generated by 3D scanners or exported from third party specialised applications

If the mapping of image to mesh vertices is known it is relatively easy to convert the model to VRML using KernelCAD and insert the map programmatically into the vrml text. See 4.6.11 Texture maps at ... tml#4.6.11

Yet another option is to contact DInsight for an implementation of a specific mapping. You might get the feature for free.


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