Saving textures with the model

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Saving textures with the model

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Is there a way to store the vrml textures in binary format inside the glm file?

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Re: Saving textures with the model

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Hi Grady
Yes. To do it you need to convert vrml to glm. The textures will be embedded into the model file. The quickest way is to open the wrl file in Modeling Studio: File > Open > Select wrl in the filter. After that you save it as .glm and that is it.

You can do it in the program too:
Load the .wrl by either setting ModelPath to .wrl file or using IModelEx and save it as glm using IModelEx again

You can also do it in background without showing the model on the screen or even from a command line application. There is also convert functionality for that. The DataFlow sample has a dialog for that. (Start>KernelCAD>Sample Exlorer>DataFlow>File>Convert). There is code for it in all supported languages in the ConvertDialog form. The Convert functionality can convert all files in a folder in one call.


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