Need help to scale object

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Masha Iconnikova
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Need help to scale object

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Hello. I am student. working on a project in C# and I need help with:
I open a .step file. It is a mechanical assembly.
I need to create a torus and add to the model. I have found one way.
But is do not know how to set the real size? I need to add edit box to my project program to set size and where it is positioned. Main thing I need a way to scale the torus.
Please help

Prashant Kande
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Re: Need help to scale object

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Hi Masha
It is about modifying the object. You probably have a procedure which takes the size(s), position etc. from the GUI before adding the object to the model.
When you need to modify the object you just re-run your procedure with new parameters to get new IBRepShape_DG, probably IBRepSolid_DG as the actual type. Use then IBRepGeometry_DG.SetShape() of your solid to replace the shape.

This replacement can be done on geometry level (if you need to change the geometry type) or by replacing the entity in the model using IModel_DG or IEntity_DG.

In this week's update ewe have added new Shape Mods sample which demoes this. There is also a link to the samples topic: ... eMods.aspx


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