About Us

Who are DInsight
DInsight is a software company located in Melbourne, Australia. A number of our team members are distributed around the world and the country. Our customers are mostly located in Western Europe and USA.

3D, Geometry, CAD - and related engineering, medical and scientific software is our core speciality.

DInsight was founded in 1999 by engineers who brought together experience in Science and Applied Mathematics, Computer Numerical Control and top quality Software Development.

We pride ourselves in taking difficult technical challenges head on. We also believe we have been quite innovative in our endeavours. KernelCAD was the first component which allowed 3D solid pictures in Office (Word, Excel) documents. Boolean Operations are still not heard of in software of this size and price. We continue to innovate with the unique 3D Debugger; Depth Zoom; Path Collision Detection, etc. And we did not get to the exciting part yet...