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Symmetry Sample Overview

Symmetry Sample

Symmetry sample demonstrates dynamic creation and manipulation of symmetries 

Running the application  

Select type of symmetry to add to the object in "New Symmetry" group and press "Add" button. A new copy on the default pyramid will appear in the 3D window. "Selected Symmetry" group of controls will be enabled to allow modification of properties of the symmetry. 

Add operation can be repeated several times. Changing selection in the symmetries list box will update the  "Selected Symmetry" group.

Change "Location" and "Direction" coordinates and press "Modify" to observer the result in 3D. 

"Show" check box enables rendering of an graphic element which visualizes position of the axis of symmetry (Axial) or Mirror Plane.

"Delete" button deletes the current symmetry selected in the list box.

Note that the resulting scene depends on order of symmetries. We suggest to implement changing the order and observe the result.


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